Client’s Brief: Kasturi is a destination spa and we are working towards establishing our 1st ever Day Spa in Pune. The whole concept 
of our spa revolves around the ‘7 Chakras’. ‘Shri Yantra’ - the 7 Chakras should work properly for a human to live a good life. To help people with their imbalanced chakras, we have ‘Abhyanga’ massage. ‘Abhyanga’ is one of our best massages that caters to your ‘Mann’ - mind and ‘Sharri’ - body’s requirements. This massage is personalized for each and everyone as the body requirements differ from person to person. Our platform will use all natural ingredients for both – the products and the interior of our spa. At Kasturi, we look forward to give a lifetime experience of what true massage is.
Why ‘Kasturi’?
The smell of Kasturi helps people from different backgrounds to come together, neutralize their thoughts, 
communicate well and stay in harmony.
Client’s Mission:
At Kasturi, we pledge to perform and showcase spa in it’s true sense (the traditional way).

Client’s Requirement:
A logo that is unique to the brand and it’s concept.

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