Head Safe
About ‘Head Safe’ :
‘Head Safe’ makes customized helmets to suit different individual personalities. The requirement was to create a logo that would speak about road safety and importance of wearing a helmet. When it comes to road safety, we tend to ignore the warnings. So rather than making it a yet another boring message of road safety, they wanted it to be quirky and fun, which might convince people to wear the helmet.

Our Work:
Road Safety messages often have a serious tone of voice. People have terrifying experiences as a consequences of not wearing a helmet. For this project, we thought of giving it a humorous perspective. The concept was simple -
‘Head Safe’ helmet protects your head no matter what. Here, we decided to go for an illustrative logo. We have illustrated a situation where a person has met with a terrible accident, injuring his whole body, but yet his head is safe because it was protected by a 'Head Safe' helmet. We thought of exaggerating the importance of the product. As a result the logo outstood and attracted the right audience.

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